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So my close friend started this petition to allow trans people to join the army, because it’s her friend’s dream to do so, but the army apparently sees being transgender as a mental illness. It’s clearly not only discrimination, but misinformation. The petition was literally just created a few seconds ago,  so it only has my signature and a few others on it right now. But we have a good month to see this pick up the pace and get bigger.

If you could sign this and pass the post on, it’d be really really helpful. All you really need to do is create an account and sign it, so it’s not too hard at all! If anything, reblog this to signal boost it or something. But if you really can just take like. 5 seconds out of your day, it wouldn’t be that hard to see someone’s dream come true, along with many others. You’ll also be helping to stop some discrimination against trans individuals which is a big plus too.


I signed it! we’re up to 3,603 now! Click the link! It only takes a few seconds to sign the petition that might change the lives of transgenders who don’t receive the same rights as everyone else.

oh it’ll definitely change the lives of trans people in other countries who will be MURDERED by their trans brothers and sisters in the name of imperialist U.S. policies

For the sake of records, I am impulsed to say that I am not supporting war. I despise it and all it’s components: hatred, greed, power. But if people see “dying for their country” as patriotic and respectable, I will respect their wishes. I am fighting for the rights and anti-discrimination of the LGBT community, and if it is being discriminated against in transgenders’ wishes to serve their country (in a way that I disagree with but will ignore), then I will help them receive the same answer that any other man or woman fit to serve would receive.

how can you despise war (and the evils of war are not just “hatred” but imperialism, white supremacy, sexualized violence, etc) and still support those who choose to engage in it? how can you “ignore” the violence and still go to sleep at night?

yes i suppose trans people (PLEASE STOP SAYING TRANGENDERS. that’s not the proper word ok) not being allowed to serve is discrimination. but what right are you fighting for? the right to kill and rape people, steal their land and their resources? 

you have to look at the bigger picture. i’m not going to fight for the “right” for trans people to serve in the military because i don’t think ANYONE should serve in the military. bar none. and i think it’s ESPECIALLY egregious that a trans person would want to fight in the military, considering the heteropatriarchal, violent culture of the military and the racist, sexist oppression it enforces around the world.

the trans movement should not be about fighting for the right to oppress people in the ways that cis people can, it should be about fighting to end ALL oppressions.

very well. You have a strong opinion and I respect it. debate isn’t my strong suit, but compromise is and i enjoyed reading your argument. :) goodnight.

there we go. that’s where my ao3 name came from. niallthelion.

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